We Work in Partnership with Clients to Create Value in Economically Distressed Communities

Cunningham Equities is a transformational developer that specializes in the selection, design, construction, and stabilization of residential and commercial properties in ignored historic and unappreciated locations in Massachusetts.

We work collaboratively with stakeholders to restore pride and economic success in the areas we serve. We champion a collaborative end-to-end development process that enables in-house services including project identification, sale of assets and tax credits, construction, leasing, and management.

Adept listeners and creative problem solvers, we strive to find solutions that meet the unique needs of our tenants and the municipalities in which they operate.

The breadth of our expertise and business model also allows us to add value in ancillary areas such as leveraging historic tax credits, partnering with smaller local subcontractors as part of our construction team to help these businesses grow and thrive, and further contributing to a healthy local economy.

Our Guiding Principles

As an organization, we are driven by the following guiding principles, and uphold them at every opportunity.

  • Transformational: We dare to uncover and champion the properties that less visionary developers run from, bringing new life to ignored historic and unappreciated locations.
  • Green: We incorporate sustainable building practices for long term economic and environmental viability.
  • Partnership: We aren’t just a seller – we collaborate with stakeholders to design and build to ensure alignment of missions and outcomes.
  • Communities: We are committed to broad-based contributions that enhance living and working space opportunities, create employment opportunities, and enriches local relationships in otherwise overlooked areas.
  • Historic rehabilitation: Beyond just restoring physical properties, we help re-establish a connection to and pride in a community’s historical context.

Meet Our Team


Jeffrey Cunningham

Executive Director

Kathleen Cunningham

Chief Financial Officer

James Cunningham

Managing Director

Xaley Yousey

Project Manager

Ali Soboh

Property Manager and Leasing Representative

Giuliana Iavarone

Supply Chain Manager

Gaurav Shingre

Financial Staff