Developing Better Communities Together

Cunningham Equities is a socially-responsible developer focused on revitalizing economically distressed communities through the transformation of overlooked historic properties into beautiful, safe, sustainable living and working communities integrated into the larger society.

We partner with local municipalities in responsible community development to provide enhanced living and working space opportunities and create employment in otherwise overlooked areas.

Our Properties

CE Commercial Properties - Turning Point Campus

We work together with our clients to build spaces that meet their unique needs. We incorporate sustainability systems for long-term economic and environmental viability.

55 Sterling St, Clinton, MA-15

We design environmentally-friendly places people are proud to live in and create safe and connected living communities inside the property and beyond.

James Cunningham, Cunningham Equities

James Cunningham

Managing Director

Developing commercial and residential real estate is a team sport.

To maximize a property’s value – that is, to transform it to its highest and best use for the community, the tenants, and the owners – takes trust, commitment, and execution from a whole team of players.

As a company and individuals, we are committed to our community and partners to create value together.

Integrated End-to-End Development Capabilities

We have expertise and resources for a full arrange of services that can result in significant cost savings, including:

  • Project Identification and Selection
  • Sale of Assets and Tax Credits
  • Design and Construction
  • Leasing
  • Property Management